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Being Kind is good for your health and well being
unleash the creative adolescent in the therapy room.
5 things to consider when choosing a counsellor
Creative tools used when counselling adults
Launch of space4u primary


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Being Kind is good for your health and well being


Kindness and empathy help us connect emotionally with our family friends and those tht we encounter. Kindness enhances our personal relationships and sense of belonging in a community. Research also shows tht kindness is good for our health and wellbeing.

Hormones are released that make us feel good.
According to research from Emory University, when you are kind to another person, your brain’s pleasure and reward centres light up, as if you were the recipient of the good deed—not the giver. This phenomenon is called the “helper’s high.

unleash the creative adolescent in the therapy room.

Counselling young people – Is talking enough

I have been working with young people therapeutically  for 3 decades and what I  realised early in my career  was that most struggled with counselling being  just a talking therapy.  


What’s the difference in counselling adults and young people?

Young people have specific needs when receiving therapy, this is a time in their lives that they are discovering their own individuality. At this age young people (those aged 11-19)  enjoy new experiences ,being creative is often seen as a positive activity  Abstract thought has developed and this can be incorporated in facilitating them to process their feelings and thoughts  with using metaphors within the use of creative tools.

5 things to consider when choosing a counsellor

last year I decided that it was time to buy a new car the whole process of deciding on the right car for me was anxiety provoking and took me several weeks. 
For many people the process of finding the right counselor is one that fills them with panic. 
I have been a counsellor for  over 20 years and have seen hundreds of  clients during that time. I have often asked them why they choose me ? 
Some said that I was convenient  in my location, some said they liked my profile picture, one person disclosed that my name was the same as her beloved Granny.

Creative tools used when counselling adults

Last Saturday I delivered my second workshop at the counselling charity steps, the delegates for both workshops were counsellors trainees and qualified working with adults that had surfed sexual violence.
The workshop introduced creative therapy theories and practical exercises . The workshop covered a number of creative tools,
The use of a metaphor,
Sand tray and the use of symbols.
The use of Art
The medium of Clay
use of imagination with creativity.
The delegates rated the work shop favourably high and I enjoyed the enthusiasm and commitment of the counsellors in having a open mind .

Launch of space4u primary

Space4uhas now launched their primary counselling service and we have secured a partnership with Inglehurst primary school in Leicester.
The counselling helps children access and deal with emotional distress by playing and exploring, The counsellor uses the sand tray and other creative tools to discharge tension and conflicts causing stress and worry.
We are committed to allowing children to access counselling within schools and our service promotes the benefits of counselling as a early help strategy.

Counselling not fines .

The introduction of the policy that fines parents if the take their children out of school to go on holiday is not the most effective way to reduce the worrying number of unauthorised absences.
Many children and young people that don’t attend school is much more complex than having a few days off because theparents are wanting to manage the family budget more effectively or that theirwork commitments make planning family holidays difficult.
If children are feeling sad stressed,worried and confused, then more emotional support is required within schools so that children can be more able to feel confident to be in a learning environment which is often perceived by young people to be very competitive.

Counselling in schools should it be in all schools?

School counselling increasingly is being acknowledged as being a fundamental service offered as part of the pastoral support that schools offer. There are many benefits that counselling provides, to has been showed that many young people that receive early mental health care, a reduction of more serious problems can be prevented. Counselling reduces stress and worry and this reflects in better school attainment. Space4u promotes the social and emotional well being of all children .

Bullying at school

What can schools do to help children that experience bullying at school? Lets start a conversation and let those that write anti bullying policies know what may be useful.